This Lakers-Thunder trade is centered on George Hill to L.A.

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This trade could take place between two franchises going in very different directions. The Los Angeles Lakers are coming off an NBA championship and once again looking like the best team in the league. With LeBron James and Anthony Davis at the top of their games, adding another piece at the NBA trade deadline could go a long way.

Meanwhile, the OKC Thunder are a rebuilding group looking to load up on assets. The two sides can get together and help each other out in a deal at the NBA trade deadline. 

The Lakers are being carried by an MVP-caliber start by LeBron James. Both James and Anthony Davis signed extensions in the offseason which means that the Lakers will continue to contend for years to come.

During the offseason, improving the point guard position was a huge focus and this led to a deal to acquire Dennis Schroder. Los Angeles and Oklahoma City made a deal previously and they could get together for another one here.

Oklahoma City made a big move in the offseason when they sent Chris Paul to the Phoenix Suns. This showed that they had plans to get younger and load up on assets. Sam Presti has compiled upwards of 17 first-round picks over the next five years.

There are a few other veteran names on the team that they could choose to part ways with at the deadline. The Lakers have the assets that would appease Oklahoma City in a trade.

Let’s take a look at what a potential deal might look like between these two sides moving forward.