Why Joel Embiid deserves to be in forefront of MVP conversation

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Advanced Stats Tell The Story

Joel Embiid hasn’t just had an impact on the centers in the NBA, but he’s impacted his team more so than anyone else. If the 76ers were some slouch team this wouldn’t be a big deal but they are the best team in the Eastern Conference right now.

The impact from Embiid has been apparent on the 76ers and the advanced stats show it. Philadelphia is posting an 11.4 net rating when he’s on the floor while recorded an -3.8 net rating when he’s off the court. The team also has a 1-4 record in games he doesn’t play.

Embiid is the face of the franchise in Philadelphia, and he has always been the team’s vocal leader. He brings a lot of passion and energy to the court and that has been evident in his play style. He has been fully unleashed with Doc Rivers as head coach and hasn’t looked back since.

Quite frankly, no player on the 76ers has come close to having the same amount of production as Joel Embiid, not even Ben Simmons. The impact Embiid has had on his own team should not go unnoticed and he has proven to be the most valuable player to his team and maybe even the NBA as a whole.