This Cavs-Sixers blockbuster trade is centered around Ben Simmons

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Why This Trade Would Benefit The Cleveland Cavaliers

The roster the Cleveland Cavaliers have constructed has become very strange They have been rebuilding since LeBron James left for the Los Angeles Lakers and have done so far through the draft and trades. Here, they will pull off another big move to add a star in Ben Simmons to pair with Collin Sexton.

Prior to the shutdown last year, Cleveland made a deal for Andre Drummond. There were alleged extension talks but nothing has happened since the restart. There is a chance that Drummond is ultimately bought out and Kevin Love is sent away in a trade.

Collin Sexton is looking like the real deal this season which makes him the player to build around. Adding Simmons to the mix would give the Cavaliers the necessary starpower that they need to lore other players.

It is difficult to rebuild in the NBA. The Cavaliers have added some intriguing prospects in the draft but ultimately need that star to take their team to the next level. Simmons could be that player.