This Pistons-Warriors trade features Jerami Grant to Golden State

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Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The Golden State Warriors are off to an 8-7 start this season. They are beginning to come into their own but there are still flaws all over the floor. This is where the Detroit Pistons could be a trade partner. They are a rebuilding team that needs to begin to gain assets.

The Warriors are led by Steph Curry once again. He has been the player who is missing Klay Thompson the most. Klay Thompson will miss the season because of a torn Achilles. This was devastating news to the franchise but Curry is doing his best to keep the team afloat.

On the floor, opposing teams do not have to worry about other threats for the Warriors. Steph Curry has been seeing many double and even triple-teams this season. That will not change as long as the front office holds off on making a move.

If the Warriors want to pull the trigger on a deal, the Pistons could have an intriguing player to send away. Jerami Grant would be a nice fit in Golden State. He was the big signing in Detroit during the offseason and is earning his contract early on. Grant is averaging 25.4 points per game and shooting 38.9% from three-point territory. His size and skillset would help the Warriors right away.

The Warriors expected to contend in the Western Conference this season. Injuries have held them back recently but this could be the perfect time to make a trade.