This Kings-76ers trade would feature Buddy Hield to Philadelphia

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Why The Trade Benefits The 76ers

The Sixers had a glaring need from deep heading into the offseason. The lack of shooting ability from Ben Simmons at the top of the offense impacted them greatly over the past few years.

Previous executives could not figure out how to put talent around their stars, but that is what Daryl Morey was brought here for. Seth Curry and Danny Green were a great start, but the 76ers could use more.

If you have a point guard who cannot shoot, but can handle the ball and get into the lane, it benefits the team greatly to add shooters around him. It is not rocket science. That is what the Sixers have done and it is paying dividends early on.

However, if there is a better shooter on the market, he would benefit the team to take a look. Especially if it would not cost them too much. Buddy Hield is without a doubt a better all-around player than Curry or Green and would fit the 76ers’ offense perfectly.

This is a league driven by the three-point line. Philadelphia is trying to get over the hump and into the Eastern Conference Finals this season. They can do so by adding more talent from beyond the arc and Hield could be their man.