This Knicks-Wizards trade would give New York needed first option

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Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

One of the NBA teams who caught the most attention during the offseason was the Washington Wizards after trading away John Wall for Russell Westbrook. So far, that hasn’t worked out. Could a rebuild come soon? If so, the New York Knicks should give them a call about Bradley Beal.

It seems off-and-on that Beal finds himself being included in NBA trade rumors. The Wizards simply can’t figure out how to build a winner around him. That’s not an indictment on Beal by any stretch. Washington’s defense is routinely terrible and no adjustments have bene made to fix that.

No matter how well Bradley Beal and Russell Westbrook end up playing together, it seems to be an uphill climb. The interior defense is too poor for the Wizards to compete at a high-level and that’s vital to have for a team with subpar defensive players throughout its rotation.

Moving on from John Wall was needed but that shouldn’t have changed the Wizards’ expectations. Washington is sorely in need of undergoing a full rebuild as they lack the capabilities to build a winner around Bradley Beal before his two-year extension that starts in 2021-22 ends.

Let’s take a look at a trade package that would send Bradley Beal from the Washington Wizards to the New York Knicks.