5 NBA players who are in need of a change of scenery sooner than later

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Throughout the entire year of an NBA season, including the offseason, there are plenty of rumors of players wanting out of their deals or wanting to be traded to new places and while some player may not directly come out and say they want to be traded, sometimes it is best for the organizations to come out and realize this.

Whether it is young stars who are frustrated with their current situation or aging veterans who want to get the most out of the end of their career, every player deserves the opportunity to be successful. 

In today’s NBA, there is an abundance of talent and plenty of talented roster, but the question that remains for all 30 teams is “how can we get better?” There is plenty of talent around the league that has been rumored in trade talks this offseason and plenty of players who are frustrated with their current situations either on losing teams or teams that are going through a rebuild. 

With the 2020-21 NBA season set to begin, there are not many trades expected to be made before the trade deadline, but we could see plenty of big names on the move come the middle of the year. Teams that have been considered contenders in the past are expected to take a step back this year, while some teams who have not made the playoffs in a few seasons could be making some noise. 

The financial ramifications of the COVID-19 shutdown for the NBA and with a postseason that had no fans, the salary cap and team finances are taking a major hit this year. Not only did this result in less spending in free agency, but it will result in a lot of teams being hesitant to make big moves moving forward. 

With all of these factors playing a major role for the upcoming season, nobody really knows who will and who won’t be on the move, but if anyone is to be traded, these five players are the first that come to mind that need a change of scenery and deserve a change of scenery sooner than later.

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