How the Celtics could pull off major Victor Oladipo trade

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The Boston Celtics and Indiana Pacers are two teams expected to contend in the Eastern Conference this season. During the offseason, the two teams were in constant communication about a potential Gordon Hayward sign-and-trade. Nothing ended up getting done, but could the two teams get back together on a potential Victor Oladipo trade?

Oladipo was rumored to be heavily on the trade block this offseason. While the Pacers opted to keep him around to start the season, many still believe he will end up being dealt before the NBA trade deadline.

Should the Pacers actually look to pull the trigger on a trade, the Celtics would make sense as a potential landing spot. The sticking point between the two teams on the Hayward sign-and-trade talks was the fact that Danny Ainge was really pushing to bring Oladipo back in return.

Bleacher Report has put out a potential trade that would land Victor Oladipo in Boston. It is intriguing, but also a deal that could make sense.

Pacers Receive: Marcus Smart, Romeo Langford, 2021 Lottery-Protected First-Round Pick

Celtics Receive: Victor Oladipo

Both teams would have to be intrigued by this hypothetical trade. Obviously, it’s just a suggestion, not a report. However, if this was on the table, both Ainge and Kevin Pritchard would have a hard time passing on it.

For the Pacers, being able to acquire Smart, who is an elite perimeter defender, would be intriguing in and of itself. Throwing in a young talent like Langford and a first-round pick would put this deal over the top. Oladipo is well loved in Indiana, but this is too much value to pass up.

On the other side of the deal, the Celtics would be getting another dynamic star. Oladipo has looked healthy in the first two games he has played this season. A starting lineup of Kemba Walker, Oladipo, Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, and Tristan Thompson would be very tough to beat.

All of this would depend on whether or not the Pacers still want to try and re-sign Oladipo long-term. They may like what they have seen from him enough to pay him big money. If they don’t, this trade would be perfect.

Expect to hear plenty of rumors surrounding Victor Oladipo throughout the season. When the trade deadline comes closer, the Pacers and Celtics will be teams to keep a close eye on.