This Clippers-Thunder trade reunites George Hill with Paul George

Oklahoma City Thunder, Sam Presti, NBA Draft
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Why the Trade Benefits the Oklahoma City Thunder

The Oklahoma City Thunder has a plan for the future and it has been clear. They have acquired copious amounts of NBA Draft capital from deals including Paul George and Russell Westbrook. This deal may not land them any first-round picks, but they would get more capital they could be used toward the future.

These picks are going to come in handy whether the Thunder choose to make them or send them away as sweeteners in another deal. This trade would not be as much about the player as it would be the picks.

Patrick Beverley has two years left on his contract so it is a short term commitment for Oklahoma City. He is also a player that would be easy to flip because of his ability off the bench and on the defensive end.

Whether the Thunder choose to keep Beverley or not, he is beneficial to the team because of versatility and options. The Thunder like to make moves and usually come out on top. It will be interesting to see if they choose to make one as we creep closer to the start of the regular season.