This Bulls-Magic trade sends intriguing star Zach LaVine to Orlando

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Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

There might not be two Eastern Conference teams that have more in common but also have glaring differences. The Chicago Bulls and Orlando Magic are both rebuilding teams at the moment. Orlando has been able to sneak into the playoffs while Chicago is near the bottom of the conference.

This is where the Magic have a decision to make. They could choose to completely blow it up and rebuild quickly or make a trade for a star to help them come postseason time.

The Magic have been a low seed in the last two NBA playoffs, which have not given them a chance to advance. If they choose to make a deal for a star, this is where Chicago would come into play.

The Bulls have been in trade talks because they have two big names that they could offer teams for a return. In this deal, Zach LaVine would be on his way to Orlando. The Bulls have a new head coach in Billy Donovan and they hope he can turn the team around. LaVine has turned into one of the better scorers in the game so this would require a big return.

If these two sides were to get together for a deal, it would look something like this. Let’s take a look at a trade that would send LaVine to Orlando.