4 teams who should still pursue a Victor Oladipo trade

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Los Angeles Lakers

First up, we have to add the Lakers to this list. Coming together on a trade that would match financially might not be easy, but the two sides could figure something out. Los Angeles would be more than interested in adding more star power.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis are one of the best duos that we have seen in recent NBA history. They led the Lakers to the NBA Finals and knocked off the Heat last season.

If Oladipo is back to full health, adding him would make the Lakers nearly unbeatable. He has shown the willingness to play team ball, which would be necessary alongside James and Davis. Oladipo wouldn’t be the No. 1 option, but he could thrive as a support piece.

Granted, this trade destination is not super likely, but the Lakers should be checking in with the Pacers. Oladipo in L.A. would be fun to watch.