This Bulls-Rockets trade sends James Harden to Chicago

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The Houston Rockets made the choice to move on from Mike D’Antoni and quickly afterward, Daryl Morey opted to resign from his position. That didn’t seem to sit well with James Harden as he has lost trust in the organization. Could the Chicago Bulls look to capitalize?

It remains clear that Harden is dissatisfied with the Rockets organization and it will be difficult for Houston to resolve the situation positively. After failing to show up to the first few days of training camp, Harden has shown he’s serious about angling to be moved.

The Brooklyn Nets have been linked as Harden’s preferred destination to be traded to by the Rockets. Meanwhile, the Philadelphia 76ers were also on the short-list and would have a greater capability to put together an intriguing trade offering.

Now, let’s remember, the Bulls are a team that has some intriguing young talent that could appeal to the Rockets. As long as Chicago’s front office is willing to part with plenty of NBA Draft capital, there’s little reason to believe Houston couldn’t get something done.

With that being said, let’s take a look at a trade that would send James Harden from the Houston Rockets to the Chicago Bulls.