This Cavs-Pacers trade teams up Kevin Love and Domantas Sabonis

Myles Turner, Pacers, NBA Trade Rumors
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Why the Trade Would Benefit the Cleveland Cavaliers

Since LeBron James left for Los Angeles, the Cavaliers have been way down. This was to be expected and the rebuild is on. Players like Darius Garland and Collin Sexton or the future of the team. For players like Drummond and Love, their time has come and gone in Cleveland.

It would benefit the Cavaliers to trade their veterans for a return. If they are getting back a player like Myles Turner, this is a no-brainer. Turner is an elite option on the defensive end and has taken his offensive game to the next level. He is a franchise player to build around along with the guards in Cleveland.

Jeramy Lamb and Edmond Sumner are two other players who will help toward the future, either on the court or in another trade. This is a deal that would benefit both Cleveland and Love. 

Later on, the Cavaliers would have more than enough reason to trade Andre Drummond with Turner coming into the mix. With Drummond being on an expiring deal, that wouldn’t be difficult to accomplish.