7 NBA blockbuster trades we’d like to see in near-future

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The action of the NBA offseason ended up coming through faster than what most probably could have imagined. As a result, there wasn’t much for blockbuster trades that some had anticipated potentially taking place. There are still star player trades to new teams we’d like to see get done.

Perhaps the highest-profile trade of the NBA offseason was Chris Paul being sent from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Phoenix Suns. Now paired up with Devin Booker, Paul should be able to help this Suns team take a few steps forward in the Western Conference.

The 2020 NBA Draft had extensive rumors about potential trade ups but none came to fruition. Much of the attention was placed on the Golden State Warriors and the No. 2 overall pick until Klay Thompson was ruled out for the entirety of the upcoming NBA season.

Now, teams are set to begin training camp but there are still plenty of potential trades that would be intriguing to see take place. Whether it’s a disgruntled star like James Harden, John Wall, or Russell Westbrook who wants to play elsewhere, or a team who didn’t quite get all they wanted in free agency.

Let’s take a look at seven blockbuster trades we’d still like to see get done ahead of the 2020 NBA season.