This Kings-Pacers trade features a Hield, Oladipo swap

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Why This Trade Makes Sense For The Kings

On the other side of the trade, the Kings have been looking for a way to push themselves into contention for quite some time. There would be no better way than to make this trade with the Pacers.

Buddy Hield is a good piece and both Holmes and Bjelica can play solid roles, but having a chance to acquire talents like Victor Oladipo and Myles Turner is not an every year opportunity for a team like the Kings.

Turner would come in and add elite defense to the paint for Sacramento. He can stretch the floor as well. During his time with the Pacers, Turner has been called soft, but he is not as soft as the perception in Indiana has made him out to be.

As for Oladipo, the Kings would be getting a potential star-caliber player. It would be a bit of a risk, as no one knows quite what to expect from Oladipo moving forward, but it is worth the risk for Sacramento. They have not had a player with the talent and potential that Oladipo possesses in quite some time.

This move wouldn’t necessarily power the Kings into the playoffs. The Western Conference is still very difficult to succeed in. But, it would give them a fighting chance.

Parting ways with a first-round pick might draw some hesitation, but at the end of the day, this trade is well worth the price for the Kings.