4 teams best positioned for a Bradley Beal trade in the near-future

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The Washington Wizards have made the playoffs just twice in the last five seasons, which have caused plenty of trade rumors to circulate around their organization— primarily for Bradley Beal. There has been no success as of late with the Wizards and their roster is all over the place with large contracts and young, youthful talent. This could soon provide a real opportunity for teams to capitalize.

There is no question that Washington has a lot of solid options to build with for years to come, but the big question is if these pieces are enough. They have seven players on their roster who are currently under their rookie contracts and with two superstars on the roster in John Wall and Bradley Beal, the Wizards should be a team on the rise right?

Well, not exactly. The Washington Wizards have not seen John Wall put their jersey on since 2018 and do not know if he is even half of the player he was due to all of the injuries and surgeries he has had over the years. Bradley Beal is a fantastic player and an NBA superstar talent, but does he want to stay with Washington?

Bradley Beal has not come out and said that he wants to be traded from the Wizards, but he definitely has to be frustrated with his current situation. Because of how bad the Wizards were this past year, Beal was not only snubbed from being an All-Star for the third consecutive season, but he was also left off the All-NBA teams, costing him millions of dollars in a potential contract extension. 

Last season, Bradley Beal had one of the most impressive offensive seasons in the NBA as he averaged 30.5 points, 6.1 assists and shot 45.5% from the floor, 35.3% from three-point range. He has consistently been one of the best players on a terrible team and the question needs to be addressed sooner than later: “Does Bradley Beal want to waste the best years of his career losing or does he want to go out and try to win a championship?” 

If Bradley Beal wants to go “ring chasing” and join a team where his talents can be put to use, then these are the four teams that are best positioned to go after him via trade.

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