3 trades for Buddy Hield the Sacramento Kings should strongly consider

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Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

Buddy Hield is unhappy with his current situation with the Sacramento Kings. He has been featured in many trade rumors because of his continued cryptic social media usage. There are many teams linked to the sharpshooter— creating a real market for his services.

Hield showed real promise during the 2018-19 season with averages of 20.7 points per game while shooting 42.7% from the three-point line. Since producing the best campaign of his career, there has been plenty of negative attention cast upon him.

The Kings moved Hield to the bench in favor of Bogdan Bogdanovic during the 2019-20 season— creating discontent from the sharpshooter with the organization. Sacramento has since lost Bogdanovic to the Atlanta Hawks in free agency, but the relationship still remains strange.

If the Kings end up feeling as though it won’t be possible to get Hield on the same page, pursuing a trade could be the logical outcome. Sacramento appears quite reluctant to take the situation to such a length, but it’s something that may be required at some point.

There are plenty of teams that would be interested in a sharpshooter like Buddy Hield. Here are three trades that the Sacramento Kings could pursue to send him elsewhere.