3 trade packages for Washington Wizards to move John Wall

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Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

Washington Wizards Receive: Blake Griffin, Derrick Rose

Detroit Pistons Receive: John Wall, Troy Brown, 2021 1st Round Pick (Top 5 Protected), 2023 1st Round Pick Swap

While the Washington Wizards aren’t exactly accustomed to having John Wall in their lineup as of late, receiving a point guard in a trade for him would help. Derrick Rose is a popular talent among NBA fans and is coming off a strong season— making the Detroit Pistons an intriguing option.

After handing out Davis Bertans a massive contract, trading Wall for a frontcourt player like Blake Griffin who brings a heavy cap burden would be difficult. It does at least help that he’s under contract for one fewer season than Wall.

Perhaps the Wizards could experiment with Griffin slotting in at the five spot and see if he can hold his own as a drop coverage big defensively— as the Detroit Pistons have done in stretches. Washington is already terrible defensively so it’s tough envisioning that making them worse.