Predicting the landing spots for top free agent small forwards

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Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Free agency in the NBA is set to begin on Nov. 20, just two days after the draft. When teams begin making a list of their preferred players, there will be plenty of small forwards available.

The league has focused on the three-point line over the years. This means that big men have begun stretching their games out near the three-point line.

There are more stretch-fours in the NBA than we have ever seen. Whether you agree with the style of play or not, these stretch fours are extremely valuable and can play either small or power forward.

It is important to have a nice mix of speed and size. Teams look to add size and shooting ability on the perimeter now. In what is viewed as a weaker free agent class, there will be some impact small forwards available to sign.

When free agency begins, these small forwards will be highly sought after. Here are predictions for some of the top at the position.