Boston Celtics ‘strongly advised to keep away’ from James Harden

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The Boston Celtics have the necessary assets to pull off a James Harden trade with the Houston Rockets. They also are in the Eastern Conference— making a potential deal more likely, if they want one. That’s they key…if they want one.

According to former Boston Herald Celtics writer Steve Bulpett, the Celtics did research the possibility of trading for James Harden. However, they were ‘strongly advised to keep away’ from a potential trade with the Houston Rockets.

On the surface, a James Harden trade makes plenty of sense for the Celtics. Boston has come close to making the NBA Finals numerous times in recent seasons but just didn’t have enough firepower to get over the hump. A talent on the level of Harden would get it done.

More to consider, the Celtics could run the risk of having to go up against Harden during the NBA playoffs— assuming a trade between the Rockets and either the Brooklyn Nets or Philadelphia 76ers were to occur. Does Boston really want to risk getting kept out of the NBA Finals for longer?

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The main rationale for the Celtics sitting back and allowing a team like the 76ers or Nets to trade for Harden is a potential belief it would end in disaster. If that move broke up a star team and made the Eastern Conference easier in the future, it would be worthwhile.

Navigating this situation from either perspective the Boston Celtics face is difficult. Not taking a risk on James Harden and having a new superteam dominate the Eastern Conference is a rough possibility. So it having him leave after his contract and leaving the team like Kyrie Irving did.

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