76ers face ‘growing belief’ James Harden trade will require Ben Simmons

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The Houston Rockets face a possible opportunity to trade James Harden to rebuild after the superstar requested a trade. The Philadelphia 76ers could potentially build an intriguing offer but will they be willing to include Ben Simmons to get something done?

According to KRON4 News’ Jason Dumas, the 76ers face a ‘growing belief’ that executing a trade for James Harden won’t be possible without including Ben Simmons

The 76ers face a unique opportunity being listed on James Harden’s preferred destinations and being in the Eastern Conference— meaning the Houston Rockets would be comfortable making a trade. It just seems it will come at a major cost to get something done.

The idea of the 76ers managing to find a way to facilitate a trade for Harden without giving up Ben Simmons appears quite unlikely at this point. Philadelphia should consider making that move when considering how the team wouldn’t cohesively fit with an Embiid, Harden, and Simmons trio.

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Daryl Morey faced a situation with the Houston Rockets where he built a team that came close to an NBA Finals appearance but was held down by the Golden State Warriors dynasty. Does he want to risk the Brooklyn Nets forming a superteam by acquiring James Harden?

There is little reason for the Houston Rockets to entertain a trade for James Harden without receiving a promising young star like Ben Simmons in return. The rest of the Philadelphia 76ers’ roster is riddled with bad contracts and they lack premier NBA Draft assets.

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