5 teams who must make a run at Serge Ibaka in free agency

Serge Ibaka, Raptors
Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

2. Toronto Raptors

Serge Ibaka just had the best season of his career in Toronto. Even at his age, there are some good years ahead and the Raptors should know this better than any team. And he is still younger than Marc Gasol.

There is a strong possibility that the Raptors bring back Ibaka for next season. The Raptors have an advantage over other teams because he wants to be in Toronto. They are one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference and should be moving forward.

Toronto would not be able to give Ibaka a huge deal, but they could be the highest bidder with the current salary cap situation.

If the Raptors bring back Ibaka and Fred VanVleet, they will be back in 2020-2021 ready to make a postseason run. With all things considered, the Raptors will make a run at Ibaka and the attraction between the two sides could keep him in town next season.