Houston Rockets remain intent on keeping James Harden despite discontent

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It has been a brutal start to the NBA offseason for the Houston Rockets. First, Russell Westbrook asked to be traded. James Harden has since followed suit with the intent of being sent to the Brooklyn Nets.

According to New York Times’ Marc Stein, the Rockets remain intent on keeping Harden on their roster and will attempt to rebuild their relationship with the former NBA MVP.

The fact that Harden was willingness to turn down a historic contract extension that would have made him the NBA’s highest paid player in history is unsettling for the Rockets.

Harden, 31, is running out of time to win a championship during his NBA career. The Rockets have simply failed to get it done after making attempt after attempt to dethrone the Golden State Warriors dynasty and the LeBron James-Anthony Davis superstar duo with the Los Angeles Lakers.

The thought of Harden being traded to the Brooklyn Nets is clearly an appealing option, if it were on the table. Being able to play alongside Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving would give him the necessary star power to stack up with any team in the NBA.

It doesn’t seem the Rockets will be able to turn the tide when it comes to appeasing Harden. Houston simply doesn’t have the assets to acquire a superstar to pair with Harden after the failed Russell Westbrook experiment.

James Harden wants to take control of his NBA career before it’s too late after being wasted by the Houston Rockets. Making an aggressive push to be traded now is his best option to prevent that from happening.

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