James Harden makes his stance clear on future with Houston Rockets

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It has been a highly eventful start to the NBA offseason for the Houston Rockets. They have already lost Mike D’Antoni and Daryl Morey and now Russell Westbrook wants to be traded. How does James Harden stand with his future with the team?

According to The Athletic’s Shams Charania and Kelly Iko, Harden is ‘locked in’ for the upcoming NBA season is ‘remains committed’ to the Rockets— even with the news of Westbrook seeking to be traded.

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The Rockets will now need to evaluate the best route to pursue when it comes to trading Westbrook. The best course of action with Harden’s continued commitment will be to re-tool around the superstar.

The desire for just Westbrook to be traded is a rather fascinating subplot when considering both he and Harden ‘expressed concern about the direction of the franchise.’ Westbrook was ‘uneasy’ about the team’s accountability and culture and wants to return to his floor-general role.

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It would be difficult to find win-now pieces from most NBA teams that simply are borderline playoff teams—- due to a lack of talent that can translate to immediate success. However, Westbrook does want to be the floor general for his next team— making this is the most likely option.

The Houston Rockets will need to do what they can to keep James Harden happy but already face a depleted supply of 1st round picks to make major moves. The trade to acquire Russell Westbrook certainly didn’t help in that regard, either did other recent win-now trades.

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