5 stars the Rockets should try to pair with Harden, Westbrook

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The Houston Rockets have a new coach in Stephen Silas, and the Rockets seem to be prepared to run it back next NBA season with the duo of James Harden and Russell Westbrook. 

If the Rockets indeed remain committed to both Harden and Westbrook, Houston should consider adding a third star to the mix in what will be a stacked Western Conference. 

The Harden-Westbrook duo is a good start, and they have the necessary familiarity with each other. But it still wasn’t enough to get them over the top in 2020. 

Houston could be aided by the fact that they may shift away from small Ball now that Silas is the coach. But will that be enough to make a difference in 2021? Houston could pad their chances by adding a third star. 

Let’s take a look at five stars the Rockets could try to pair with James Harden and Russell Westbrook this NBA offseason.