7 trade packages that would jumble up the 2020 NBA Draft

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Ashley Landis/Pool Photo via USA TODAY Sports

Golden State Warriors Receive: Myles Turner, TJ Warren

Indiana Pacers Receive: Andrew Wiggins, Kevon Looney, No. 2 Pick

One of the main names listed as a potential trade option for the Golden State Warriors has been Myles Turner, and rightfully so. There’s a lot to like about adding a dynamic rim protector with perimeter shooting ability.

In this trade package, the Warriors wouldn’t be left depleted on the wing after moving Andrew Wiggins. Golden State would receive a more efficient scoring output from TJ Warren and would have the option of sliding him over to the four spot in their death lineup.

The Pacers will need to decide what they want to do with the center position since keeping Domantas Sabonis and Turner together doesn’t make much sense. Taking a chance on Wiggins with a head coach coming from an organization known for player development is a respectable choice.

It wouldn’t be just Wiggins that Indiana would be receiving in this deal. The Pacers would have their pick of an intriguing prospect with the No. 2 pick in the 2020 NBA Draft. That’s a big deal for a franchise who hasn’t picked inside the top 10 since 1989.