5 teams who must pursue a trade for DeMar DeRozan this offseason

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NBA Analysis Network

1. Los Angeles Lakers

If DeMar DeRozan wants to play for a contender, there is no better option than the Lakers. DeRozan is a west coast guy who grew up watching Kobe Bryant. The Lakers have been rumored to want another star and DeRozan fits the bill and would give them something they do not have.

DeRozan would give the Lakers an elite mid-range option and another player who could handle the ball. That would allow LeBron James to play off the ball.

Yes, the Lakers have concerns on the defensive end and DeRozan certainly would not help in that way, but he would offensively. The Lakers could use the expiring contracts of Danny Green, Avery Bradley, and JaVale McGee in a potential deal.

This is what good franchises do. They are not satisfied with one championship and want more. James is looking to collect as many rings as possible and adding a player like DeRozan would help.

He might not be the Lakers’ first choice, but he could very well be exactly the kind of fit that they need.