5 NBA Draft prospects whose stock is quickly on the rise

Aaron Nesmith, Vanderbilt
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The lead up to the 2020 NBA Draft has been unique in every sense of the word. Instead of a normal pre-draft process heading into June, prospects have mostly been off since mid-March and will have had eight months before being selected by an NBA team.

Instead of a traditional NBA Scouting Combine event over the span of a few teams, teams have been communicating with prospects directly to gather information. The direct visits hold strong weight as a result since the opportunities are limited.

The turnaround after the NBA Draft will be short and there won’t be a Summer League to get accustomed to the professional level. Players with strong maturity and high basketball IQs could be prioritized by winning teams, as a result. So the interviews with teams are important.

This year’s NBA Draft is also not considered one riddled with star talent. Instead, the focus for most teams will be to find a helpful contributor that can serve as a cohesive complement wherever they can.

With that being said, let’s take a look at five NBA Draft prospects who have seemingly experienced a rise in their stock as of late.