This Lakers-Thunder trade teams up Chris Paul with LeBron James, Anthony Davis

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Rationale for Los Angeles Lakers

The primary objective for the Los Angeles Lakers is to continue to do whatever it takes to win championships while LeBron James is still playing at a dominant level.

With Anthony Davis set to return, the Lakers should go all-in yet again this offseason by adding a talent like Chris Paul. While there are some concerns about the size of Paul’s contract and his age (35) for a small guard, maintaining a championship-winning team is not a long-term endeavor.

Having another high-level ball-handler in the offense would supercharge the Lakers’ attack. There would be two major points of attack for the Lakers to exploit favorable matchups in pick-and-roll situations. It would also provide more stretches for LeBron James to rest by having Paul run the offense.

There is a strong defensive impact provided by Paul at the point guard position and that’s an intriguing benefit for the Lakers. Let’s not forget, Stephen Curry will be back in the fold for the Golden State Warriors next season.

The Lakers would also benefit from adding the shot creation ability that Paul brings to the table, particularly from mid-range. When the game is in clutch time and is in need of getting a bucket, Paul can deliver, along with LeBron and Anthony Davis.

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