This Lakers-Thunder trade teams up Chris Paul with LeBron James, Anthony Davis

Chris Paul, Thunder, Suns, Pacers, Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers Receive: Chris Paul

Oklahoma City Thunder Receive: Kyle Kuzma, Danny Green, Quin Cook, and 2022 1st Round Pick

When considering that Chris Paul is set to earn $41.3 million during the upcoming season, it’s difficult to find teams that can make a potential trade work financially.

The Lakers would send out Danny Green, who is on a $15.3 million expiring contract— along with the $3.0 million expiring deal of Quinn Cook. That helps Los Angeles to come closer to matching salary to at least make a potential deal work.

Kyle Kuzma is set to earn just $3.5 million during the final season of his rookie contract next season. The Thunder would need to be prepared to give him a contract extension and will benefit from him being a restricted free agent when his deal expires.

The 2022 first-round pick the Thunder receive features an NBA Draft class that is regarded as being strong. That would be helpful with their efforts to pull off a successful rebuilding effort.

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