NBA Mock Draft 3.0: Anthony Edwards goes No. 1, Isaac Okoro rises

Patrick Williams, NBA Draft, Florida State
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11. San Antonio Spurs — Patrick Williams, F, Florida State

There is plenty of raw element to Patrick Williams’ skill-set but he has intriguing upside for the Spurs. He can knockdown simple pull-ups even all the way out from the perimeter and can be an intriguing screener in an NBA that relies on high pick-and-roll.

NBA Championship Odds for Spurs (via DraftKings): +25000

12. Sacramento Kings — Devin Vassell, F, Florida State

Prior to seeing the changes that Devin Vassell made to his shooting mechanics, it would have been a no-brainer to see him go in the top 10 of the NBA Draft order. Now, it wouldn’t be surprising to see some concerns from teams— causing him to go just outside the top 10.

Odds for No. 1 Pick (via DraftKings): +20000

13. New Orleans Pelicans — Jalen Smith, C, Maryland

Finding a big man that plays the stretch-five role is a vital objective the Pelicans will need to accomplish at some point in the near future. Jalen Smith has the potential to achieve precisely that and could be an intriguing frontcourt partner with Zion Williamson.

2021 NBA Championship Odds for Pelicans (via DraftKings): +5000

14. Boston Celtics — Precious Achiuwa F/C, Memphis

Consolidating the three first-round picks the Celtics have appears to be the best route for them to go. If they stay put, going with Precious Achiuwa would provide a versatile defender that can produce in the hustle areas that make a team successful.

Odds for No. 1 Pick (via DraftKings): +30000

15. Orlando Magic — RJ Hampton, G, New Zealand Breakers

There’s a lot to like about the athleticism that RJ Hampton brings to the table. He has improved his perimeter shooting with Mike Miller and could impress teams during the NBA Draft process. This could be an intriguing possibility for the Magic if he’s still available.

Odds for No. 1 Pick (via DraftKings): +10000

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