This trade would send Rockets’ James Harden to 76ers

Rockets, James Harden, 76ers
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The Houston Rockets and Philadelphia 76ers had similar disappointing results in the NBA playoffs, and each team will have a new coach next season. Could these two teams possibly come together on a blockbuster trade involving James Harden?

The 76ers have hired Doc Rivers as their new head coach, and the Rockets are still in the process of selecting a coach. Clippers assistant Ty Lue reportedly has gained momentum toward becoming Houston’s coach.

These are two teams who’ve tried various ways to make a deep playoff run in the past, but both teams have yet to see the results they covet.

The Rockets have tried with James Harden and Chris Paul. They’ve tried with Harden and Russell Westbrook, too. As for the 76ers, they’ve tried with Joel Embiid, Jimmy Butler and Ben Simmons. They’ve also tried by adding Al Horford to the mix.

But as both of these teams look to next season with a new vision in mind, would a trade make sense?

Let’s take a look at a hypothetical blockbuster trade that would send James Harden to Philadelphia, and analyze it for both teams.

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  1. I don’t always think swapping players around is the total solution towards winning. Ex: It didn’t change anything trading Chris for Russell.

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