This Clippers-Warriors trade would send Paul George to Golden State

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The Los Angeles Clippers failed to live up to the hype after acquiring Paul George and Kawhi Leonard last summer. Meanwhile, the Golden State Warriors will look to rebound from a rough season in an effort to win another title.

There could be serious change coming from the Clippers after investing so much to win a championship right away.

While moving George this offseason seems a bit premature, it’s important to remember, he reportedly doesn’t have the respect of his teammates in the locker room. Could Los Angeles look to make a change for the No. 2 star role alongside Leonard?

It may not be wise to put too much stock into what happened in the NBA Bubble when considering the mental toll being away from family can have. However, risking coming up short with Leonard having a player option next offseason is tough to consider.

Let’s take a look a trade that would send Los Angeles Clippers superstar Paul George to the Golden State Warriors.