This Knicks-Rockets trade would split the Harden-Westbrook duo

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The Houston Rockets failed to pull off a championship run with James Harden and Russell Westbrook leading the way. Meanwhile, the New York Knicks have continued to struggle with their efforts to return to the NBA playoffs altogether.

It’s clear the Rockets will need to shake things up in the offseason to return a more formidable contender with Harden. With a real lack for draft capital and young prospects to offer, Westbrook could be the best option for Houston to move to make a change.

The Knicks were recently mentioned as a logical landing spot for Westbrook if the Rockets were to look to trade him. While Westbrook may be turning 32-years-old later this year, New York is in real need of a star player to attract fan interest and be the focus of the offense.

It’s clear Westbrook is best suited in an ultra high-usage role and would help raise the Knicks’ floor as the centerpiece of the roster. In the Eastern Conference, it would certainly be enough to get there. Especially when considering Jonathan Isaac will miss all of next season for the Orlando Magic.

Let’s take a look at a trade idea that would send Rockets star Russell Westbrook to the New York Knicks.


  1. That sounds like a hell of alot to give up for 1 guy who wouldn’t make Knicks that much better. And then Westbrook would be stuck on a bad team with no future. Dont see this happening. Hell if I was Rockets I’d rather trade away Harden than Westbrook.

    • Why would you trade away a top 5 player unless you want him to leave to contend for a championship. Harden > Westbrook and I like both

  2. So this is the offer:
    Rockets Receive: Julius Randle, Kevin Knox II, Frank Ntlikina, Bobby Portis, 2020 1st Round Pick (No. 8), 2022 1st Round Pick (via DAL)

    Then the last paragraph starts out with:
    Smith Jr. is entering the final year of his contract making it pivotal he brings his best to the Rockets.

    You lost me.

  3. He needed to retire a long time ago. He’s even used or depreciated his value as an assistant with the constant head coaching failures.

  4. Here we go again with Knicks trading away youngsters for a All star, that is not goong take them to next level .. why would you put all star on a bad team. I would think you get someone like that when you are already in position to take over East.

  5. NO! NO! NO!

    I love Russel Westbrook, but you don’t give up picks to get back 40+ million dollar players.

    You make the other team GIVE YOU PICKS to clear their cap. They are “on the block”, because they can’t win with them as constructed…THEY ARE IN THE POSITION OF WEAKNESS, not the Knicks.

    All these writers who keep trying to trade the Knicks draft picks are morons.

  6. Were I Westbrook I would threaten to sit out and never report to the Knicks than accept this trade. He would be going to a team that is years away from being competitive and with all the added pressure it would just be setting him up to fail here in NY. Its dumb from a Knicks perspective too as those draft picks are what they really need since top free agents don’t want to come here with a terrible owner.

  7. Harden is not the problem I think that small is one of the problems . because it hurts your offensive/defensive also deprives you of having a centerthat can rebound/block shots.also small ball exposes the rockets on defense which they don’t play any.

  8. Westbrook’s is a real good player, however that is a great deal of players and assets to give up for him. I personally would rather go the CP3 route because he makes others better and he’s more of a leader on and off the court.

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