This Rockets-Celtics trade would pair Gordon Hayward with Harden

Gordon Hayward, Lakers, Celtics, Lebron James
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The Trade

Rockets Receive: Gordon Hayward

Celtics Receive: Eric Gordon, Robert Covington

What a trade this would be between two serious playoff contenders. It would shake up the core of the roster for both teams, but it might just be a perfect fit for both parties involved as well.

Hayward would slide in perfectly as a “Big Three” partner with Harden and Westbrook. He doesn’t demand the basketball, but he is more than capable of spotting up for three or creating his own shot. That could relieve some of the pressure on the Rockets’ star back-court.

For the Celtics, they would be getting a lethal shooter in Gordon and a great 3-and-D player in Covington. If Boston wants to win a championship, adding this kind of depth would be a nice move.

Gordon averaged 14.4 points per game this season with the Rockets. He shot just 31.7 percent from the three-point line, but is a much better shooter than those numbers insinuate. Covington was traded to the Rockets this year and averaged 11.6 points and 8.0 rebounds in 22 games with Houston.

Both Gordon and Covington would be immediate role players for the Celtics. Covington would add even more smothering defense for Boston.

There is no question that the Rockets would miss the shooting and defense that both of these players bring to the court. However, Hayward would bring even more offensive firepower and he has high basketball IQ which allows him to avoid being a weakness defensively.

Obviously, this is a hypothetical trade idea, but one that could make sense. Both the Rockets and Celtics will look to get better this offseason and this trade could accomplish that goal.

Expect to see both teams have a very aggressive offseason. They are both a piece or two away from contention and this trade could move them closer.


  1. That is stupider than the Cappella trade.
    Gordan Heyward is damaged goods. Can’t stay healthy and not a difference maker. They would actually lose a ton of shooting and scoring. # just dumb

  2. Why would you trade away 25 combined points along with 8 rebs and 3.2 steals for a guy who averages 14 when and if he plays? Boston would have to throw in another peace for that to be a good trade.

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