This 76ers-Warriors trade would land Ben Simmons in Golden State

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The Philadelphia 76ers are entering what could very well be a major offseason of change. After being bounced out of the playoffs by the Boston Celtics in the first round, Elton Brand and company know that things need to be done. That is where the Golden State Warriors could come into play.

Granted, the 76ers may have zero interest in trading one of their stars. However, moving Ben Simmons could very well make sense for Philly.

From the Warriors’ perspective, bringing in a piece like Simmons could make sense. They would not have to part with Stephen Curry or Klay Thompson, but Simmons could fit in nicely with them. Whether he plays point guard and dishes to the shooters or gives the Warriors another style of offense, it could work beautifully.

It is going to be an interesting and crazy offseason in the NBA. With the coronavirus delaying the end of the 2019-20 season, no one truly knows when next season will start or what the financial ramifications will be.

All of that being said, let’s take a look at a potential trade for the 76ers that could send Ben Simmons to the Warriors.


  1. I think you guys are over valuing the top draft picks this year I quess that’s why you want to trade it,but it’s definitely a solid year to have draft picks sixers have 5 😃 Wiggins isn’t that much more of a great shooting wing than Simmons who is a first team D. Player I would keep on the sixers if it were up to me

  2. It starts with Thompson or talks never even take place. This is a horrible draft class and with so many unknowns, the 2nd pick is worthless. With not much film on these guys, there WILL be plenty of ‘steals’ that will be picked in the late 1st and even 2nd round. You bozos and your insane NBA2K trade offers are always ridiculous because everyone wants something for nothing.

    The next time you conjure up an idiotic trade scenario, ask yourself this.. If I was the GM of (insert team name here) would I make this trade? And I guarantee 100 out of 100 times the answer is NO! Lol morons

    • You need to understand you cannot become an elite team with a guy who can’t shoot even a little bit, and is a horrific foul shooter as well. I don’t care what the hell else he can do. Since teams don’t have to guard him on the parimeter, they simply zone up and essentially create a double team on everyone else, making them less effective. It is offensive suicide. Boston killed them in the 2018 playoffs by simply ignoring him and harassing everyone else. Toronto took him out the same way in 2019. There’s no doubt in my mind that the sixers would’ve crushed Toronto had Simmons not been on the court. Just anyone with any will to take a shot would have changed the whole defensive strategy in both series. You can’t have this, basically a half basketball player. Golden State is the only place his weird style of play might work, because they wouldn’t rely on him for shooting. But he is a serious liability on any other team. And Golden State would be out of their friggin mind to give up Klay Thompson for a guy like Simmons, it’s laughable to even suggest it.

      • bro his defence can help draymond and its another piece the warriors are close to becoming a great team again look at my other comment its long but resonible

  3. I’m doing this trade if I’m a 76ers. Warriors giving up alot. The question is who will 76ers pick with that #2 pick?

    • You must haven’t seen Lamelo Ball play the game. He’s a better player RIGHT NOW than Simmons. He’s an tremendous defender, he is a tremendous handler, and he can and will shoot. You won’t be double teaming Embiid or anyone else with LaMelo on the floor.A guaranteed star waiting to happen, and yet some say they still rather have can’t shoot, turns the ball over an average of six times a game Ben Simmons? They must be joking,or strung out on something.

  4. Stop playing guys Simmonds is here find some good shooters, if your going to trade ben take thompson, don’t give him away for wiggins nonono

    • Even if you did find good shooters, playing with Simmons, they would be constantly harassed in double teams, because you don’t have to guard Simmons on the parimeter. Don’t you understand the kind of liability he is? The number two pick is likely to be Lamelo Ball.You have to guard Lamelo you can’t leave him alone. Now put shooters around him, then it’s a completely different ball game.

  5. Can’t stand the small minded Simmons. Trade him please. Let’s get a real team competitor. Eye of the tiger type channel Jimmy Butler

  6. The media and rival team management and fans will try everything to destroy a program the problem is the mmgt you let 2 shooter leave and a role player who was a perfect fit if it wasn’t broke why fix it and the rivals see the potential so like politics use tactics to damage a team

  7. Wiggins isn’t that great of a player it would be so idiotic to trade Ben Simmons for anybody right now he brings the concept of past first to a team that’s hard to get anywhere

  8. Wiggins isn’t that great of a player it would be so idiotic to trade Ben Simmons for anybody right now he brings the concept of past first to a team that’s hard to get anywhere just surround him and Joel with shooters

  9. Ben Simmons isn’t that good first off. He’s borderline unplayable in certain situations. Easily one of the most overrated players in the nba. He’s 24 and entering year 5 in the NBA, if he can’t shoot now, will he ever?

    Wiggins can at least shoot and score. Actually he’s a much better scorer then Ben.

    The #2 pick is never worthless. Because of Covid we never got a full year to scout. Lamelo Ball, Anthony Edwards, James Wiseman are all legit, we just have limited film because of Covid, over seas, suspensions, etc

    I think we’re giving too much. Plus looney who helped us win 3 championships.

    Ben is overrated! Please don’t do this dubs.

    • his defense could help draymond dubs get the bag a sucure make sure if this dont work then read my comment below and try those

  10. The trade move was a couple years ago keeping Butler and letting Simmons go. The fact Simmons is 23-24 is the factor and maybe develop into the player we are waiting to see. Unfortunately his EGO has him thinking he’s a superstar in the NBA and yet to prove it.

  11. warriors already have 2 great shooters they could run ben simmons in sf and still have draymond in pf klay sg al horford c and curry in at pg look at that lineup and if that dont work then there going big by geting beal giannis and embid giannis in pf draymond in 6th man curry pg sg beal sf klay and embid c either way its a win win for gs and if they dont get those then there getting oladipo theyll put him sg and klay sf curry point and draymond pf then theyll just have to get a center so its a win win cause they have ppl to trade but we know klay curry and draymond are staying so im hyped to see what happens

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