This Pelicans-Mavs trade would pair Jrue Holiday with Luka Doncic

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The Dallas Mavericks showed real promise this NBA season with Luka Doncic emerging as an MVP candidate and Kristaps Porzingis making a successful return to the court. If the Mavs do look to formulate a standout trio, could the New Orleans Pelicans’ Jrue Holiday be an option?

Despite struggling in the regular season to handle head-to-head matchups with the Los Angeles Clippers, the Mavericks ended up being a genuinely tough out. In the what-if department, had Porzingis managed to avoid ejection in Game 1 and stayed healthy…Dallas could have stood a chance.

Now, the Mavericks enter the NBA offseason looking to bolster their supporting cast around Doncic and Porzingis. It remains to be seen what route Dallas will choose to go in order to accomplish this, but Holiday certainly appears to be a logical option.

The Pelicans are in an interesting situation as a franchise. They are early in the roster construction process with Zion Williamson as their centerpiece and Holiday turned 30-years-old in mid-June. Capitalizing on Holiday’s trade value could prove to be the right move for New Orleans.

There would be no shortage of logical landing spots for Holiday if the Pelicans were to pursue that option. The Mavericks may not have the greatest potential package to offer, but they do have some intriguing assets and it would be beneficial for them to attempt to make a deal.

With that being said, let’s take a look at a trade idea that would send the Pelicans’ Jrue Holiday to the Dallas Mavericks.

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  1. Trade 1st and 2nd along with Cauley Stein for Lauri Markkaneam of the bulls.
    This a win win for both teams. Bulls get to accelerate their rebuild. Mavis get controllable cost effective player that gives us 3 foreign born stars.
    Dallas would become very scarey very fast.

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