3 trade packages that would send Pacers star Victor Oladipo to the Lakers

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The Indiana Pacers will be headed to an offseason with no shortage of major decisions needing to be made. Finding a new head coach will be a priority, but so will resolving the Victor Oladipo situation. Could the Los Angeles Lakers look to capitalize?

With Oladipo entering the final year of his contract, the Pacers will need to engage in extension talks and see if an agreement can be reached. If that doesn’t end up resulting in a deal, Indiana could look to move on from the two-time All-Star.

As the Pacers showed during the Paul George situation, they likely would prefer to send their star player to the Western Conference as opposed to an inner-conference rival. The Lakers could benefit from that similarly to the Thunder when many thought the Pacers didn’t receive sufficient value.

The idea of the Lakers managing to add a third star that can help run pick-and-rolls, defend, and catch-and-shoot is intriguing to think about. Could taking a risk on a trade for Oladipo be the answer?

There is real question about what kind of trade value the Pacers can receive for Oladipo. Considering he has not yet looked like an elite player since his return from injury and that he’s in the final year of his deal, it’s hard to envision teams willing to give up substantial compensation.

With that, let’s examine three trade packages that would send Indiana Pacers star Victor Oladipo to the Los Angeles Lakers.


  1. Wow if the Los Angeles Lakers trade Danny Green Alex Caruso and Talen. Horton Tucker to the Pacers for Victor Oladipo I don’t like it because Danny Green Alex Caruso are good players and as for Talen Horton Tucker he is a rookie who is still learning. So I wouldn’t trade any og my guards.

    • The Lakers would be giving up way to much to aquire Oladipo even if he playing at an elite level. The Lakers franchise will need the draft picks to begin rebuilding with life without James and Davis. Do not make the deal.

      • That’s a dumb azz trade keep everybody u have when this season over tucker release him partner LeBron with his homie melo get rid of waiters and bring back Stevenson now it Davis stay that’s gud he want to go to Chicago Greek freak is open he still young and blood thirsty now with Howard I would really luk at if a better young big open really like poelti from the spurs if he’s open that upgrade and u would never miss Howard he ain’t the same player no more should of kept ivabc he could of play a lot of minutes and he a defense of force that can get his boards and Create for him self keep LeBron playing point because it would matter since golden state and Brooklyn is coming and gone be lethal they do that LeBron can make room for two more after this ring should stop feeling sorry for certain players and get players that worth playing it will save the risk of not having anybody if few people get injury like now lucky thing Morris and rondo getting off especially kuzma

  2. You couldn’t do the simple research to see the Lakers can’t trade any of their 1sts beside their 2020 1st on draft night? So the Kuzma/Danny Green/2020 1st trade would work on draft night of 2020, but the Lakers basically can’t trade any of their future picks because of the Stepian rule. NOP owns the rights to their picks even if one or two of the years they decide not to take them.

    I don’t feel like looking at their picks right now, but essentially beside their 2020 1st on draft night, they have a few 2nds way down the road they can trade, and maybe their 2027 1st or something ridiculous like that, at least when it comes to the Oladipo trade.

    There’ll be other years they’ll own their pick, but that doesn’t really matter since Oladipo is expiring after 2020-2021. They unfortunately can’t trade their 2020/2022 picks or anything like that.

    I don’t mean to be harsh, just seems like an easy thing to check. But I don’t mean to be rude. Just trying to help.

  3. For what it’s worth, I do think Turner to CHA makes a lot of sense. I also thing building around Warren, Brogdon, and Sabonis (assuming the plantar fasciitis isn’t debilitating and is temporary etc) is a good plan.

    Getting the #3 pick via CHA, Kyle Kuzma, Danny Green, 28th pick (via LAL) and maybe a 2026 2nd via LAL or something…that’s not a bad haul. Kuzma has potential, and you’ll have a year to evaluate him as a Pacer before he’s an RFA. So if he turns out to be bad, you can let him walk. If he turns out to be a solid rotation stretch 4 with upside who can shoot like 37% 3P on 4att and average like 14/5/3 or something, then he’s a valuable role player who you can sign for like 4yrs $40M or something like that. It’s a low risk flier.

    When it comes to Danny Green, you can turn around and flip him during the season likely for a 1st rounder from a good team who needs shooting and an expiring deal, or you can keep him because his shooting will be very valuable…though he is older so I’d flip him.

    So if you can move Oladipo who you’re not sure can ever return to even 80% of what he was before the injury and Myles Turner in to pick #3, pick #28, let’s say you flip Danny Green for what turns out to be like pick ~#22 in 2021 draft, and Kyle Kuzma, I think that’s a pretty good trade and makes sense for everyone.

    LAL takes a home run swing and hopes Oladipo can return to even 80%+ of what he was pre injury, and just be a solid #3 next to AD/LBJ, be someone who can defend, hit spot up 3s, and at least occasionally be able to go get his own bucket at the rim or hit a jumper etc. then they’d be thrilled with that I think. If not he is on an expiring so it’s just one year, but it’s probably worth the gamble if they fall short this year.

    Then CHA has been wanting a good young Center for a while, and Myles Turner is young enough to fit their timeline with PJ at the 4. More importantly he’s going to be WAY safer of a pick than gambling on Wiseman at 3 or Onyeka. He’s also on a solid contract.

    So I like that deal the best for sure. I ignored the rest because I think Malik monk is banned for a while etc. but obviously they’d need to give IND an expiring contract near what Turner is making and I believe they have plenty of them. Pick 3 and an expiring by itself is more than enough compensation for Turner. I honestly think it’s close to perfect value in what is looked at as a subpar draft.

    So IND can rebuild around Warren, Sabonis, Brogdon, and they bring in youth with pick #3, #28, Kuzma, and then they can either keep Danny Green for the shooting or flip him for a 2021 early 20s 1st rounder at the deadline or whatever.

    This allows them to focus on a more compact core going forward, and building around that core. They can bring back Justin Holiday as a backup 3, Kuzma can play backup 4, hopefully Jeremy Lamb is healthy by next season to be the backup 2, still have Aaron Holiday, McDermott, Goga, the expiring from CHA will likely be a veteran Center to mentor Goga and play until he’s ready to play full time backup 5 mins, then you have Brogdon/Warren/Sabonis, pick 3/28, and we’ll say pick 21 in 2021.

    Also at 3, their target should be the best 3&D wing they can get IMO. So maybe they can trade down from 3 to like 7 or 8 and acquire an additional 2021 1st that projects to be a lottery pick, and can still draft one of the great wings available in that area.

    Then at 28 they can grab whoever they think is the best player available basically (beside a center imo) so 1-4.

    So they’d have a lot of youth coming in, a more compact focused core, less money on the books, and more picks in the future. Sounds pretty good.

    And I’m not a Pacers fan, just a general NBA nerd. Good luck figuring out the coaching situation and the Oladipo and Turner/Sabonis situations.

  4. Lakers are fine, all they need is one knock down 3-point shooter, they only need to give is two second round draft picks, if not,develop what You have, players the Lakers have are a lot more Valuable than people can see right now, players on the Lakers are a Valuable than You can see, young players on the Lakers it’s hard to see their full value because they are playing with two of the Greatest players of Our time, therefore You can’t see the other players full potential.

  5. The Lakers need to chill out. How many superteams does Lebunk need? For him to be so “great” he sure needs a lot of help. Which doesn’t make him so good in my opinion. He is overrated. Kobe didn’t need an all star cast, Jordan either… Certainly didn’t have to go to 3 different teams to get the chip.. Lakers downfall will be not trading Lebunk.. They need to work with what they got.. If you need 12 all stars to win then that’s a damn shame.

    • You sound crazy. I see you a Landon hater too. First off Jordan couldn’t of did it without robin or pipin. Then Kobe had all the stars his self. If I’m the greatest player n u not listening me trading people I don’t want u to and the conflict we having I’m going to another team too. Jordan built prison and Lebron helping people with school going to college and his community. So no they are not the same

    • You sound like you are slow!! Kobe and Jordan were both surrounded by hall of fame talent!! Be 💯 or STFU!! FRFR

  6. That is giving up too much for a player that U have to hold your breath for all season we already AD n Rondo who are injury prone we good at that price . There will be better deals

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