This intriguing trade idea would send Jazz star Rudy Gobert to the Celtics

Jazz, Rudy Gobert, Celtics
Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Rationale For Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics are a legitimate title contender with a young core to build around. They have high-level wings between Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown along with Gordon Hayward, in addition to having Kemba Walker at point guard.

The main deficiency the Celtics currently face is a lack of a sufficient option at the center position. Boston has serviceable talents at this spot but lack a player that possesses high-level ability in any particular area.

On the surface, acquiring Rudy Gobert makes sense considering he’d bring elite rim protection to an already talented Celtics team. In that trade package, they wouldn’t be giving up one of their top franchise building blocks either.

Boston would need to determine if making a significant investment in the center position makes the most sense for them. Regardless, being able to field a lineup of Walker, Brown, Hayward, Tatum, and Gobert would be difficult to pass up.

With the Celtics already having upwards to about $140.6 million in salary spending (if Hayward and Enes Kanter opt-in) before a potential trade for Gobert, they’d face a difficult salary cap situation beyond the 2020-21 season.

It seems pursuing a cheaper option that can protect the rim at a high-level would be a more advantageous route for the Celtics. The finishing ability Gobert possesses and his rebounding adds intrigue beyond defense, but it’s a very hefty investment, nevertheless.