This intriguing trade idea would send Jazz star Rudy Gobert to the Celtics

Marcus Smart, Jazz, Celtics
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Rationale For Utah Jazz

It wouldn’t be easy for the Utah Jazz to part with Rudy Gobert considering his importance to their defense. However, they would be pressured into that kind of a decision if they are unable to get a long-term deal done.

The defense would fall off without Gobert and that’s simply to be expected under any possible deal, at least to an extent based on the personnel involved. They would need to believe in the long-term potential of Robert Williams II or look to make an upgrade.

Acquiring Marcus Smart would make it easier for the Jazz to exercise the early-termination option for Mike Conley to free up more cap space. If Utah didn’t want to go down that route, they’d have a talented bench backcourt.

It doesn’t help this particular trade package that this year’s NBA Draft class is considered as one of the weakest in recent years. That makes the 2020 first-round pick not all that attractive for a team like the Jazz seeking to win-now.

That doesn’t appear to be the type of return that would be best for the Jazz in a trade sending Gobert. The Celtics don’t necessarily have the cleanest of options to use directly to send to Utah but perhaps a three-team deal would simplify the process.