Heat: 3 reasons Miami should look to trade for Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin, Detroit Pistons, NBA
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

1. The Opportunity To Potentially Buy Low

First and foremost, the Detroit Pistons are not going to move Blake Griffin just to make a trade. However, his injury issues and the current situation that the franchise is in could drop his trade value a bit.

Riley loves getting bargain deals on players. That is exactly what he could find in a trade with the Pistons for Griffin.

If the Heat want to acquire a true and proven star, Griffin might be the best player available at the price they’re willing to pay. Detroit will be looking to cut some salary after moving Andre Drummond at the NBA trade deadline to the Cleveland Cavaliers. A similar move with Griffin would make sense.

Miami may be able to snag Griffin for a young piece and future assets. There is even a chance that one first-round pick would get the deal done. If that is the case, this is an opportunity that the Heat can’t afford to pass up.