4 early ideal landing spots for LaMelo Ball in the 2020 NBA Draft

Photo by Anthony Au-Yeung/Getty Images

4. Detroit Pistons

Starting off the list, the Detroit Pistons are in major need of a young franchise point guard. With Reggie Jackson no longer on the roster and Derrick Rose not a legitimate long-term option, LaMelo Ball would be an absolute godsend for the future of their franchise.

Detroit is going through quite a few changes. They moved star center Andre Drummond ahead of the NBA trade deadline this year. Currently, they are led by Blake Griffin, Rose, and Luke Kennard.

More than likely, the Pistons will look to move on from Griffin in the near future. Drafting Ball would give them a franchise player to build around. He has a lot to prove, but Ball to the Pistons would be the CPR that the Pistons need to stay alive.