3 Reasons the Golden State Warriors Should Trade D’Angelo Russell This Summer

D'Angelo Russell, Warriors
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

It has undoubtedly been a rough season for the Golden State Warriors. Major injuries to crucial pieces like Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson along with a lack of talent that is healthy to suit up and play have translated to a Western Conference worst 10-34 record.

The results beyond just the poor record that the Warriors have achieved this season has been troubling. They are producing just 0.929 PPP (29th) offensively while having the least efficient half-court offense. Their defense hasn’t been quite as bad allowing 1.003 PPP (22nd) but has still been below average.

There may not have been a bigger dropoff in league history from a season-to-season perspective than the Warriors. They were competing for another NBA Finals win back in just June and now they are slated as being on course for the top odds for the No. 1 pick in the 2020 NBA Draft.

A roster that is at the bottom of their respective is going to need significant changes in order to be a highly competitive team next season even after Curry and Thompson return to the lineup. With limited avenues to usher in those necessary changes, a suitor for Russell could help.

Russell is having a solid season for the Warriors with averages of 23.3 points, 3.6 rebounds, and 6.5 assists. He has shown that his lone season with the Brooklyn Nets that earned himself an All-Star appearance wasn’t a fluke. However, his overall value as a player beyond the box score remains in question.

With all of that being said, there are three reasons the Warriors should look to trade D’Angelo Russell:


  1. It would be foolish to trade a player which at least score
    30 points per game. In addition to defending you need points to win a game. Worries now have options which no other team can have to be creative In pairing of Klay, Steph, & D’Angelo, not various combinations, such as, 1. klay & Steph, 2. Steph & D’Angelo, 3. D’Angelo & Klay, 4. Three of them together, 5. D’Angelo and Steph run the offense and lo distribute the ball. In each combination have two ring protector and force them to take long jump shots while your two centers have a great chance of getting the rebound. All the options provided in rumors to worrier are not even a better trade for D’Lo. I take a player anytime be able to score 30 pointe over any defender which also will be liability of the offensive end.

    • I Totally Agree with your Article. Russel could really ruin that Core when Andre comes Back.
      In this meaningless season, i already saw Steve Kerr Benching him and have a better All Around Ball movement and defense while he wasn’t playing !
      Which Says A lot considering the players they have had healthy…
      If you Disagree, you certainly not have really understood the Warriors Style Of Basket Ball.
      Andre Iguodala doesn’t need to score 30 Pts with them to be Wayyy more valuable than d-lo. I don’t care that you score 30, if you’re not defending, Communicating, Being a good Playmaker or Pass the God damn ball ! It’s Empty numbers.
      Your Number One point, really hurt me TBH.
      I don’t want a guy that Slow down Steph, which he has already done. Steph is Better with A Bunch of power forward or Wings, Not with a Black hole offensive point guard.
      I don’t hate the man, but the player Russel is… is NOT the kind Of player the Warriors Need. It’s Just a Name like Boogie Was.

    • 30empty pts mean nothing without the Warriors touch. in the “lineups” you described there is No rim protector at all. Because Draymond CANNOT count on DLo to do his own Part so he would NEVER be Able to fully guard the Bigs because he would have to cover for D Lo.
      Plus with Dlo, there is Almost ZERO transitions offense. If you don’t see that by yourself, You just don’t understand the NBA At All. Defense is the Most important thing in Basket Ball.
      Not Only He’s Not good At it, But He Kills the Flow of the Warriors Offense.
      If Klay and Andre Were there Right now… Oh I Guarantee you, You would have seen Plenty of Lineups with dLo on the Bench for Long periods in every Game ! Especially When they Need Defense and Easy Buckets… Not circus, low percentage shots.

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