Nets star Kevin Durant is progressing ‘fantastically’ in Achilles rehab

Brooklyn Nets, Kevin Durant
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The Brooklyn Nets shocked the rest of the NBA when they managed to sign Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in free agency. However, injuries to both players have prevented the elite duo from sharing the court this season.

There is some reason for optimism regarding the Achilles injury Durant suffered during his final game as a member of the Golden State Warriors. According to Net Income of Nets Daily, the rupture was ‘high’ where blood circulation is good and the healing is considered ‘more rapid and complete.’

“In addition to having sports best ankle-and-foot guy as his (and their) surgeon, the rupture was high on his Achilles where the blood circulation is good and healing is more rapid and complete. He has both the Nets vaunted rehab staff and his own working with him.”

While the latest update surrounding Durant’s recovery process is positive, it won’t change the outlook for a potential timetable for his return. Earlier in the season, he stated that he will not play this season

The best route for both Durant and the Nets to take is a long-term approach that focuses on a complete recovery. That seems to be exactly what both sides are doing and the benefits should show when he is finally able to take the court with Kyrie Irving and the rest of this talented Nets team. 

The Nets haven’t been as successful so far this season as some experts had anticipated. They currently have a 16-20 regular-season record and rank eighth in the Eastern Conference standings. Getting Irving soon back into the lineup will undoubtedly provide a boost. 

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