Four Under-The-Radar Offseason Signings For This NBA Season

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Sometimes the NBA offseason can be just as action-packed and exciting as the regular season. With the NBA Draft taking place in late June and free agency following just weeks after, some of the most unpredictable signings and trades take place that have the ability to reshape the entire landscape of the NBA.

Of course, where the superstars end up has the biggest effect on how the league turns out to be. This past offseason was no different. The most coveted prize on the free agency market was superstar forward, LeBron James, who made headlines by signing with the Los Angeles Lakers for four years and $154 million. LeBron had been in the Eastern Conference for his entire 15-year career up until this summer, and this move further overpowers the talent disparity in the Western Conference.

Other notable offseason signings include superstar forward Paul George going back to the Oklahoma City Thunder for 4 years and $137 million. Many thought Paul George was a lock to sign with the Lakers after claiming he wanted to play for the franchise last summer when he was traded from the Indiana Pacers. Chris Paul, the superstar point guard for the Houston Rockets, also agreed to an extension for four years and $160 million, keeping him alongside running mate James Harden for the foreseeable future.

While these signings have the ability to greatly impact this year’s playoff picture and beyond, sometimes all a good team needs to become a great team is one player that does not make all the headlines. Here are four players who signed with new teams this summer and have a chance to make an immediate impact.

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