New York Knicks: 3 Goals for the Upcoming 2018-19 Season

New York Knicks: 2018-19 Season Goals

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This summer James L. Dolan, the executive chairman of the New York Knicks is finally starting to turn the franchise in the right direction. In the summer of 2017, the Knicks parted ways with Phil Jackson who served as president of basketball operations.

In addition to parting ways with Jackson, the team managed to trade Carmelo Anthony to the Oklahoma City Thunder before the start of the 2017-18 season. Last season, New York finished the 2017-18 season with an awful (29-53) record under head coach Jeff Hornacek. After finishing 11th in the Eastern Conference, the team decided to move on from Hornacek.

May 4, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, reported that David Fizdale would become the Knicks 29th head coach. You may remember Fizdale from his time in Miami as an assistant coach or his brief time with the Memphis Grizzlies. Fizdale was wrongfully relieved of his duties as the Memphis Grizzlies head coach after a slow start.

However, New York’s decision to hire the former Heat assistant coach was a solid move for the future of the franchise. The Californa native signed a four-year deal with the team, per Adrian Wojnarowski. The Knicks entered the 2018 NBA Draft with the No.9 and No.36 pick.

Every year Knicks fans gather around their television or at the actual draft to see who’s next. With the ninth pick in the draft, the team selected Kevin Knox out of the University of Kentucky. After selecting Knox in the first round, the team drafted Mitchell Robinson out of Western Kentucky University, in the second round with the 36th pick.

Both players add size, offense and a bit of defense to a Knicks team continuing to rebuild. Knox and Mitchell will make an instant impact in their rookie seasons. During free agency, the team signed a few possible role players which include Mario Hezonja, Noah Vonleh, Allonzo Trier and Luke Kornet. Outside of the 2018 draft, the Knicks offseason has been relatively quiet.

With New York’s home opener against the Atlanta Hawks roughly two months away coach Fizdale and company should have three goals in mind.

Next Up: Goal 3

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  1. I’ve got us winning between 20-27 games. We will be a bottom 4 team in the league. Perfect so we can have a high lottery pick & finally draft an athletic playmaking Wing.

    • I think you guys will be better than the Nets, Hawks, Magic and Hornets. I think you will hit the 30 mark at the lowest.

  2. I think the goals should be to trade Lee Hardaway Thomas and Mudiay’s contracts and go completely young. If we have to keep Kantar I’m cool with that

    • I can see where you are coming from on that aspect. I actually like Tim Hardway Jr. Were the $$$ a bit much maybe, but he has been the most consistent thing about the Knicks. Mudiay is a keeper unless you get another guard that’s better considering Burke and Frank are the other options. Jamal Murray is the only reason Mudiay was outed other than injury. But I love Kantar.

  3. Nice idea but this articles pretty messy, you call KP,KCP and talk about protecting home court then talk about how we played on the road. It’s all a but confusing.

    • Right. Knox is the real deal. I can feel it and all of the UK’s products do way better due to Calipari’s system. Players at UK buy into a role and his system so they don’t deviate from the plan and then when they go pro they go crazy. I love him (Knox off the bench the first year to give them power off the bench).

  4. I can’t see Burke or Lee starting (even if they don’t trade Lee). We have nothing to play for, let Knox and Ntilikina start so they can learn how to play the game and become better at it. Hornacek refuses to start Frank even after KP went down. I don’t think Fizdale would hinder Knox/Ntilikina’s development like Hornacek would.

  5. I can see where you are coming from on that. However, Burke averages more than Ntilikina and he came at a cheaper price I believe. However, Lee did have an off year but he will be needed either way but a bench role may be better. But who will be the starting two then? That’s true Fizdale is a developer and players coach. I believe the Knicks will have a great season.

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