Washington Wizards: What to Make of John Wall After a Turbulent Season

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How Wall Ranks Among the NBA’s Point Guards

Yesterday a picture of John Wall blew up Twitter at the USA basketball minicamp. Wall, looked a little overweight and to put it nicely not his best. Hopefully, it is nothing to worry about. Beside that picture, there is a lot to like with Wall, yet people are sleeping on Wall. When he puts it together, he reaches a level few can match. Consistency matters though, so where does Wall rank in the point guard power rankings. I took an NBA Twitter poll on the question and out of 43 votes, 23% though Wall was a top five point guard, 67% thought he was a top ten, and 10% thought he was top 15.

These were the results, I was expecting, around top ten seemed to be the consensus. There are three point guards, who are clearly better than Wall: Steph Curry, Russel Westbrook, and Chris Paul. Three where it’s close: Kyrie Irving, Damian Lillard, and Kyle Lowry. You could make a case for a few others like Kemba Walker (not the defender or playmaker Wall is), Jrue Holiday (not the playmaker), or Ben Simmons (too young, but maybe soon), but I think Wall is ahead of those guys. So at his best Wall is 4th, I think at worst I put him 7th.

Then it becomes a preference thing. Lowry is a better shooter and defender, but not the playmaker. Irving is a better scorer and shooter, but a worse defender. Same with Lillard and the last two are worse playmakers. All three were higher than Wall last year in BPM, but two years ago only Lowry and Lillard were. Personally, Lowry is more consistent, but if I am drafting players for a playoff series, I am taking Wall.

His ceiling is higher and has a little more edge. Lillard and Irving are more elite shooters and ballhandlers, so I give them the slight edge even though their defense is worst and they are not the passers Wall is. I have Wall as the 6th best point guard in the league. That is an impressive ranking in the NBA’s deepest position. Who knows this year if he is healthy and engaged, he may be higher. If he is the Wizards will be a little better than people think. Don’t sleep on Wall this year people; I think he reminds me, everyone, just how good he is this season!

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