Washington Wizards: What to Make of John Wall After a Turbulent Season

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What to Make of Wall on Defense

There is a lot to like about John Wall’s game on defense. He may be the best shot-blocking point guard in the league; after all, he was in the 100th percentile. Wall racks up steals as only a few others can. He doesn’t foul much, is a good rebounder for his position, and when engaged a great perimeter defender. BBall index gave him an A- in perimeter defense. He is at is best defending spot-up action where he ranked in the 95th percentile. Wall, can use his length and speed to close out quickly and if beaten he can recover quickly.

Plus off the ball, he is an expert at playing the passing lanes. Pick and Roll defense is a little more hit and miss. He ranked in the 62nd percentile, a good mark, but you can tell when he is not locked in. Sometimes, he dies on screens or doesn’t contest pull up threes, gambles for a steal he shouldn’t. Wall was 35th in defensive RPM last year amongst point guards. Some of that was health, but he should be higher. He can be a terror. Watch this play!

This is prime Wall right here. Picking the pocket of Kyle Lowry and then using his speed to take it to the other end for the layup. He has excellent length, anticipation, and timing making him a pickpocket expert. When he is dialed in, few are better at this.

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