Phoenix Suns: Point Guards That Phoenix Should Target via Trade

Cleveland Cavaliers, George Hill, NBASam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

George Hill, G, Cleveland Cavaliers

The idea of acquiring George Hill from the Cleveland Cavaliers from the Suns’ perspective is based on the fact that he fits a ‘3-and-D’ mold. Not every point guard option has to be a facilitator because spot-up shooting and defense are essential too. Phoenix was one of the teams mentioned in our recent article regarding potential trade destinations for George Hill.

Hill is coming off a season with averages of 27.0 minutes, 10.0 points (46% FG, 41.5% 3P, 78.6% FT), 2.7 rebounds, 2.8 assists, 0.9 steals, 0.4 blocks, and 1.3 turnovers. While you are not going to find his volume production in some exclusive club, he does a lot of things on both ends of the floor that do not show in a basic box score. His offensive game should be underrated, though.

The defensive side of the ball isn’t something that should be put on a shelf and viewed as an afterthought for the Suns. They are going to have to surround DeAndre Ayton with proficient perimeter defenders because his defensive impact could be rough early in his career, especially when you factor in that Devin Booker isn’t a positive defender either.

When you factor in the fact that the Suns signed Trevor Ariza in free agency and selected Mikal Bridges in the NBA Draft, theoretically adding Hill into that mix would make for significantly improved potential defensive units. It would be their best bet to surround both Booker and Ayton with proficient defenders, and it would be up to them to improve individually.

As far as the offensive end of the floor is concerned, Hill is not a facilitator, but he is a very reliable spot-up shooter and can provide a steady hand as a ball handler to their offense. It would be a good option if the Suns want to provide Booker with another season of heavy playmaking involvement, but this time with better talent and spacing to improve as a passer.

Let’s not forget that Hill has shown to be able to handle a heavier playmaking role in some of the seasons during his career. He averaged 14.2 points in 2012-13 (18.8 percent usage rate), 16.1 points in 2014-15 (24.3 percent usage rate), and 16.9 points in 2016-17 (23.6 percent usage rate). It would only help him to have a high-volume scorer like Booker to play off of too.

Hill is likely one of the most affordable options for the Suns from a trade compensation standpoint. The Cavs used the 8th pick to select Collin Sexton, and they are at the beginning of the post-LeBron James era. It would make sense to move Hill for a variety of reasons, but simply put, acquiring him was a win-now move to surround James in the first place, and he is no longer there.

The contract that Hill has would be ideal for a team like the Suns. While he is set to earn $19 million for the upcoming season, but it’s the 2019-20 season that makes his deal an excellent fit for the Suns. For reference, the 2019-20 season is the final year of his contract, and only $1 million of the $18 million is guaranteed. It could be used as a great trade chip next summer.

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